September 23, 2010

September 23, 2010

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

I hope this Boomerang letter finds you well. If you read this boomerang write a note saying, “I have read the Boomerang” and send it in to me by Monday 9/27! Those students will receive 5 thank-you cards!

See the bottom of this letter for news on how to sign up for Powerschool from Mr. Barker. It is also in the EFC 9/23
Here is a brief curriculum update for the week of 9/27-10/1.

Monday: Lesson 16, Story Problems About Separating
Tuesday: Lesson 17, Multiplying by One-Digit Numbers
Wednesday: Lesson 18, Multiplying Three Factors
Thursday: Lesson 19, Division Facts

We have begun Lesson 2, Worshiping God. We will be learning about a man named Chico Mendes from Brazil who risked his life to be a steward of God’s creation. We will be taking a closer look at creation and the sacraments and how they relate to one another. Finally we will learn 10 steps to successful stewardship.

Social Studies
The fifth graders have completed their Interactive notebook for Lesson 2. (If they did not finish in class they need to have it completed by 9/24.) Tomorrow we will be zooming in on the life of an Inuit family. This will help the students understand how one group of Native Americans used their natural resourced to adapt to the environment. Students will be assigned a role to prepare for an “Act it Out”. The “Act it Outs” will be on Tuesday 9/28. The test for this lesson will be on Thursday 9/30. Students should be rereading the chapter, studying the Interactive Notebook pages and practicing the on-line test each night.

Students have begun a unit on astronomy. Students have tracked the sun’s movement across the sky to investigate the earth-sun relationship. Students will be able to describe why the sun seems to move across the sky in a recognizable pattern. Students will be able to describe the two ways Earth moves in space. Students will construct and use pocket sun clocks to make observations about the passing of time.

Language Arts
Students continue to create their iMovie advertisements using the most descriptive adjectives possible. This is an in-class project, so no special homework is required. Students review common & proper nouns and action verbs. There is NO spelling assignment or test this week.

5th graders have enjoyed the story, Faith and Eddie, while focusing on the Comprehension Target Skill of analyzing Character. As we begin our next story, Meeting Mr. Henry, we will be studying our new Target Skill; Cause and Effect. Each week, 5th graders will continue to build upon their “Tool Box” of Comprehension strategies. These will be continuously reviewed and applied to various types of text. There will be a Selections Test covering the vocabulary and comprehension for Meeting Mr. Henry on Tuesday.

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris

PowerSchool Parent Portal Access is available for parents of students grades 5-8. You are required to have a separate username/password for each child in grades 5-8. PowerSchool Parent Portal gives parents and students access to real-time information including attendance, grades, and detailed assignment descriptions and teacher comments. Students can stay on top of assignments, parents are able to participate in their student’s progress, and teachers can share information with parents and students.

You are highly encouraged to set up an account for your child if you do not already have one. Please send an email to ‘’ with the following information:

· Child’s first and last name ex: Jenny Smith

· Grade ex: 5

· Requested Username ex: jensmith

· Requested Password ex: 2010r0$arY

Usernames should be at least six characters and passwords should be at least six characters with upper and lower case letters, and numbers. Please save this information as it cannot be recovered. If your password is forgotten or lost, it will have to be reset.

When you receive your confirmation email stating that the account is activated, visit: and log in with your username and password to view your child’s information.

Email ‘’ if you have any problems.


Please note: PowerSchool now offers Parent Single Sign On. This allows parents to log in with one username and view all of their children (grades 5-8) whom they have added to their account. This feature will be enabled in the near future; however, for now you will need to create an account for each of your children grades 5-8 for whom you do not have an account.