September 14, 2017 Boomerang Newsletter

September 14, 2017


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

The Boomerang newsletter is a curriculum update for the upcoming week. It has some reminder but please see the EFC at, which has specific information regarding the school and all dates.


*For a variety of reasons Fifth Graders are being asked not to bring in birthday treats this year. Students are invited to wear free dress on this day. They will also be given an additional free dress pass and a birthday blessing! Thank you for your understanding.


Special Dates:

5A Prayer Service – April 20th – 8:30am School Hall

Camp Seymour May 2-4, 2018



9/15 – Noon Dismissal/Free Dress Fall Colors! (Westfest Weekend!)

Sell Magazines!!!!

9/19 – Tuesday – Picture Day. Students may wear free dress for individual pictures. Picture forms went home in the Boomerang. If you did not get one for some reason you can get one in the school office.


The Following is a curriculum update for the week of September 18-22, 2018.


We have been working very hard during our first few lessons in Chapter 1, Place Value. Today we had our first quiz. Today we also received our Log-in information for the My Math (Connect-Ed) student book, and the ALEKS program. The students wrote the Login/Password on the inside cover of their Assignment Notebook. Next week we will be doing the following lessons:


9/18 – Ch. 1, Lesson 6, Place Value through Thousandths

9/19 – Ch. 1, Lesson 7, Compare Decimals

9/20 – Ch. 1, Lesson 8, Order Whole Numbers and Decimals

9/21 – Chapter Review/Pre-Test

9/22 – Chapter 1 Test


Mr. Schreck:  Chapter 1, Place Value

Friday: Lesson 7, Compare Decimals

Monday: Lesson 8, Order Whole Numbers and Decimals

Tuesday: Review Chapter 1

Wednesday: Test Chapter 1

Chapter 2, Multiply Whole Numbers

Thursday: Lesson 1, Prime Factorization


Math (Mrs. H)

In our first full week of math, we are starting our study of decimals.  We are comparing and ordering decimals, reading and writing decimals, and gaining a strong grasp of place value.  This will prepare us to add and subtract decimals next week with a focus on applying this skill to problem solving.


We will start Chapter 1, “God’s Plan for All Creation”. Students will explore all of creation as the gift of God’s goodness. They will also learn that stewardship is the way we appreciate and use God’s gifts. Students will take an assessment approximately every one to two weeks. They will complete study guides in class to help prepare for the assessments. The test on Chapter 1 will be Tuesday (9/26).


Social Studies

The fifth graders are busy learning about Lesson 1, The Geography of the United States. Students will work in pairs to complete their Interactive Notebooks in class for Maps A-D.

Students will be able to:


  • 4 Hemispheres
  • Compass Rose
  • Equator
  • Prime Meridian
  • 7 Continents
  • 4 Oceans
  • Using:latitude/Longitude to find locations on the Earth’s surface
  • Define and be able to locate on a map: 14 geographical terms, (bay,ocean,peninsula..)
  • Be able to identify 15 major physical features of the USA

I.E:(Mississippi R., Sierra Nevada, The Great Plains.


The test for this Chapter is on 9/29. The Study Guide will be handed out on 9/22. Please remind you child to study for this test using the study guide, text and their Interactive Notebook.



Students will learn how to conduct controlled experiments by experimenting with variables that affect the behavior of pendulums they have built in class. They will graph their results in a variety of ways and use their graphs to predict the behavior of different lengths of pendulums they construct. Students will take a quiz based on their experiences with pendulums (also called swingers) and vocabulary notes they have copied in their 5-subject notebooks on Thursday (9/28).


Language Arts

Hello 5th Grade Parents! This week I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with your 5th graders in my Language Arts class. On the first day of class, I had them write a paragraph about their dream vacation, job, house OR about their favorite TV show, movie, or YouTuber—just to see where their writing skills are. So far, I am very pleased with their work! Later on in the week they learned the reasons for writing (to narrate, to inform, to persuade, and to explain). To demonstrate the reason for writing “to narrate”, students continued a short story using a guided worksheet. This allowed them to express themselves in their writing while still having structure to work off of. Next week we will begin using the Journey’s textbook alongside Mrs. McFaul’s reading class.



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