October 6, 2011

October 6, 2011

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Enclosed in the Boomerang envelope today is a 5A Parent Questionnaire for conference planning.  Thanks so much for completing it by Monday 10/10.


10/7 – 2pm Living Rosary-perfect uniform and bring in a Rosary if you have one.


Today students received the Chapter 1 study guide. We will be working on it during class this week.  The lesson is about “Longing for God” and we have been really having wonderful class discussions this week.  We will have our test on Wednesday 10/12.  The test will be very similar to the study guide.


Lesson 21, Problems About Equal Groups

Lesson 22, One-Digit Division with a Remainder – Divisibility by 2, 5, 10

Lesson 23, Recognize Halves

Lesson 24, Parentheses – Associative Property

Social Studies

The fifth graders are very busy working on the reading notes in class for Lesson 2, Native Americans and Their Land. Today we reviewed the answered to the reading notes in the Interactive Notebooks. We also began to prepare for our “Act it Outs” of an Inuit Family. Students will have 2 days to prepare and then we will have our Act it Out’s for 5A on Tuesday 10/11 and 5B on Wednesday 10/12.  We will have a test review on Thursday 10/13 and the test for Lesson 2 will be on 10/14.  It is very important to study a bit each night by doing the on-line test, rereading the lesson and studying the Interactive notebooks. I will be keeping the Social Studies Test 2 for the student portfolios to share at conferences. Grades will be posted in powerschool.


Students will take a short quiz on lessons 1 & 2 next Tuesday (10/11).  Students will take a test on lessons 1-4 Wednesday, Oct. 19th.  Students will learn how weathering, erosion, and deposition change the earth’s surface. Students will make a model showing how physical and chemical weathering occur using pieces of chalk.


5th Graders are analyzing simple and complex Cause and Effect relationships in stories. They have also been working new vocabulary into their own writing while practicing proofreading and editing skills. Please encourage your 5th grader to log into Powerschool at least once a week to monitor his or her own progress and ask them to follow up with teachers about questions, makeups or retakes.


Students have been busy this week brainstorming and forming their first pre-writing draft of their descriptive essay. They have enjoyed the process of using sensory details to describe their pumpkins in Farmer Cantu’s Pumpkin Patch. Rough drafts of the students descriptive essay are due October 6th and October 7th, and final drafts will be due October 18th, 2011.

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris