October 4, 2018

October 4, 2018

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

This week students received their new Chomebooks! The students are very excited. We are learning about them and reviewing the procedures/expectations for using them at school. If you have not returned your signed the User Agreement (two-sided) sheet that is in the Open House Packet please do so soon.


Sell Magazines!!!


Here is the curriculum update for the week of October 8th – October 12th:



We have completed Lesson 2, Bystander Responsibility. Next week we will move on to Lesson 3, Bystander Cyber Bullying. I have assigned a worksheet for you to complete with your child, which compliments the Bystander Lesson 3. It will be due next Wednesday 10/10.




ALEKS is an on-line Math practice program. We will begin this using this on 10/5. Please do not use this until we take the placement assessment in class.

10/5 Ch. 2 Lesson 9, Multiply By One-Digit Numbers

10/8 & 9 Ch. 2 Lesson 10, Multiply By Two-Digit Numbers

10/10 – Fluency Practice

10/11 – Fluency Practice – Chapter 2 Review

10/12 – No School

10/15 – Pre-Test

10/16 – Chapter 2 Test



Mr. Schreck

Friday: Review Multiplying by a 2-Digit Number

Monday: Chapter 2 Review/ALEKS

Tuesday: Chapter 2 Test

Chapter 3, Divide by a One-Digit Divisor

Wednesday: Lesson 2, Division Models

Thursday: Lesson 3, Two Digit Dividends



Mrs. H

Next week we will complete our second 5th grade unit, which focuses on multiplying and dividing decimals.  We have prepared for this by looking at some multiplication and division patterns.  We have also talked about using compatible numbers to help us estimate products and quotients and see if our answers are reasonable.  Before our unit tests, we typically take two full class periods to review and synthesize the information, helping the students feel prepared for the test.  The best way to prepare for the test is to put in good effort into each assignment.  It was another productive week of learning!



Next week we will be moving on to Chapter 2, Made to be with God. We will be learning about the gift of longing for God. We will be discussing how materials things lose their importance over time but relationships with God and the people we care for will last forever.


Social Studies

Next week we will begin Chapter 4, Why Europeans left for the New World. In this lesson, students learn about European Exploration in the 15th and 16th Centuries by “excavating” and examining objects from “sunken ship”. In a Social Studies skill builder, pairs take on the role of underwater archeologists to investigate eight placards, each of which contains an image of an artifact from an explorer’s sunken ship. After analyzing and reading about the artifacts, students will categorize them into 3 different categories: as motives for exploration, as new technology that encouraged exploration, or as “new” products from the Americas. * Students may bring in their swim goggles for our deep-sea diving adventure! The study guide will be passed out in class on 10/11 and the test for this chapter will be on 10/18.



Students will use the Engineering Design Process to design, implement, evaluate, and improve a process for cleaning an oil spill so that the oil has the least impact on the surrounding ecosystem



This week we enjoyed reading A Royal Mystery and learning about the elements of a play. Students practiced oral reading fluency by taking on a character and reading through the script in small groups. The test covering the vocabulary and story will be on Tues.10/9.  ThinkCentral is a great site to use for vocabulary study and re-reading. A reminder that students should check their own PowerSchool at least once a week. If there are questions about grades earned or missing assignments, please encourage your child to contact the appropriate teacher.


Language Arts

I want to congratulate the 5th graders on a great job jumping into their first major writing assignment! We have spent the week learning about how to captivate readers though strong leads and to keep them engaged with captivating transitions and sentence variety. Next week, we will be revising our first draft and finalizing our narrative writings. We will NOT have a spelling test next Friday, due to no school, but I will also not push it to Thursday! Expect the next spelling quiz for lesson 4 to take place on October 19th.


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