October 20,2016



October 20, 2016


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


We have been working very hard here in 5A. Students are super test takers for the IOWA Test. We will continue to text next week as well.



10/24 – Check My Progress Quiz

10/25 – Ch. 3 L. 5 Estimate Quotients

10/26 – Ch. 3 L. 8 Divide Three and Four-Digit Dividends

10/27 – Ch. 3 Check My Progress (5-8)

10/28 – Ch. 3 L. 9, Place the First Digit


Social Studies

We are working on Chapter 5, Routes of Exploration to the New World. In this lesson we will learn about 8 European explorers. Students will be working in pairs to complete a large Matrix hanging in the hall. The same matrix is in the “Reading Notes” of their Interactive Notebooks.



Students begin a new unit in Life Science. Students will begin with the cell, the basic unit of all life. Students will discover the basic parts (organelles) of plant and animal cells. They will learn the activities that all living things carry out. These are called life processes.



What a busy week in 5th grade with testing and getting Chromebooks up and running!! Your children have displayed such a positive work ethic and a genuine desire to do their best. In the Boomerang this week you will notice a comprehension check. I’ve included the story along with the answer sheet. I am encouraging students to go back into the story to fix errors, and will be happy to give additional credit for corrections. This goes for all assignments, so be sure your child brings corrections back to me. Next week in class we will learn about a great website called News-o-Matic where our students will be able to read up on current events while practicing strategies for reading informational text.


Language Arts

We are taking a two-week break from our Journeys spelling and grammar studies during the IOWA testing window. This week students learned about transition words and practiced using them in their writing. Students were introduced to Google Classroom on their Chromebooks and began brainstorming for a short, descriptive Halloween piece.


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