October 2, 2008

October 2, 2008

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

I hope this Boomerang letter finds you well! The following is a curriculum update for the following week.

Please return all SS test that are included in this week’s boomerang. (They will be kept in your child’s work portfolio.)

Friday: Test #2
Monday: Lesson 17, Multiplying by One-Digit Numbers
Tuesday: Lesson 18, Multiplying Three Factors
Wednesday: Lesson 19, Division Facts
Thursday: Lesson 20,Three Ways to Show Division

This week we will begin Chapter 2. The main objectives of this lesson are to express thankfulness for creation, to recognize how human work can give glory to God and to identify the connection between stewardship and God’s providence. We will be learning about a man named Chico Mendes who fought to protect God’s creation in the rain forest of Brazil. A study guide will be handed out on Wednesday.

Social Studies: This we will continue to work on Lesson 2, Native Americans and Their Land. We will be working on the Interactive notebooks in class. We will be learning about the migration routes of the first Americans, Native Americans and their Environment, and Native Americans Adaptations to the Environment.? We will take a closer look at one Inuit family and how they adapted to the harsh Arctic environment. We will be doing an “Act-it-out” in class using a transparency. This will all be done in class. (No home preparation necessary.) The test for this lesson will be on Friday 10/10.?Please return all SS test that are included in this week’s boomerang. (They will be kept in your child’s work portfolio.)

5th graders should be reading along in their chosen Newbery book. Each student has a timeline for when each portion of the project is due.

There will be a Selections Test on Friday covering the Vocabulary and Comprehension for the selection, Looking For a Home.

For the next 3+ weeks students have been asked to make a daily record of their observation of the moon on a recording sheet. Students will use these observations to begin to develop an understanding of the sequence of lunar phases and to understand that we always see the same moon features from earth. If the moon is not visible on a given night, we will discuss in class what is looked like that evening.
In Chapter 4, Lesson 1 of the Science text, students are learning how models of the solar system have changed; what planets and other objects in the solar system are like; and how objects in the solar system affect Earth.
Students will take a test based on the Astronomy notes in their 5-sub and Chapter 4 lesson 1 (they will fill out a study guide on this lesson instead of copying notes) Tuesday October 14th.

Language Arts: The 5th graders have completed their Comic Life grammar posters, which look really cool! Students learned many new technology skills while also demonstrating an understanding of basic parts of speech. This week, students will review common and proper nouns. They will practice descriptive writing (given a prompt.)

Spelling homework is due on Monday; our test is on Monday. Looking ahead, there will be an LA test on Thursday, October 16th. It will cover some grammar and descriptive writing. A study guide will be given next week.

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris