October 19, 2017


October 19, 2017

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


I hope you are having a great week! The students have been working very hard in 5A! Today we finished the MAPS  Fall testing!


  • Please remember to turn in your Homework for Parent Questionnaire (Purple sheet).


The following is a curriculum update for the week of October 23 – 27, 2017.

We will be using the Second Step program to help your child learn skills on how to get along with others. A letter explaining the program has been included in your child’s boomerang envelope.

Holy Rosary will present a sexual abuse prevention program, the Touching Safety program, to your child later this month. This program is provided to us by the Archdiocese of Seattle. Parents have the opportunity to opt their child out of this program (see below).



10/20 – Ch. 3 Lessons 1-4 Check My Progress Quiz

10/23 – Ch. 3 Lesson 5 Estimate Quotients

10/24 – Ch. 3 Lesson 8 Divide Three-and Four Digit Numbers

10/25 – Ch. 3 Check My Progress Quiz Lessons 5 & 8

10/26 – Ch. 3 Lesson 9, Place the first Digit


Math/Mr. Schreck

Chapter 3, Divide by a One-Digit Divisor

Friday: Chapter 3, Lesson 8, Divide Three & Four Digit Dividends

Monday: Quiz 5 & 8

Tuesday: Lesson 9, Place the First Digit

Wednesday: Lesson 10, Quotients with Zero

Thursday: Lesson 12, Interpret the remainder


Math/Mrs. Heuer


This week we concluded our unit on multiplying and dividing decimals with our Unit 2 Test.  Now we are starting our study of fractions.  In Unit 3, we are adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.  The students will also be applying these skills to story problems.  If a student ever wants additional practice of 5th grade skills, they can be working on their ALEKS pie charts at home.  Sometimes students are able to complete a grade level and move into the next.



Next week we will begin Chapter 3, Signs of God’s Presence. Students will receive the study guide on Tuesday and it will be due on October 31st the day of the test. We will also be doing a Touching Safety lesson, from the Archdiocese on Wednesday 10/25. On Friday 10/27 we will be doing the first Second Step lesson on Empathy.


Reading – this week we learned about a strategy called Close Reading.This is a four step process used primarily when reading Informational Text. It involves reading through a short article 3 times, each with a different focus. Reading the article is followed up by a response of some sort, often a written question/answer format, but can also be a verbal pair/share activity to process the information. We’ll have many opportunities to practice this important strategy.


Social Studies

We are currently working on Chapter 4, Why Europeans Left for the New World. Students are working to complete their Interactive Notebooks and have written detailed notes on 8 Artifacts. Students should be able to categorize them into the three categories, Motivation for Exploration, New World Product, and New Technology that encourages exploration. Students will receive their study guide on Google Docs, SS Google Classroom on 10/20. Students will need to follow the study guide to study for the test on 10/27.



Students will discover the main parts and functions of animal cells. They will compare and contrast these parts (organelles) with plant cells. Students will be able to identify similar cells that make up tissue, and how different kinds of tissue work together to make up an organ. Looking ahead, students will take a test from their texts on Lessons 1 & 2 (Is it Living & How are Living Things Classified) Friday, November 3rd.


Language Arts

“You are a pumpkin in my pumpkin patch. It is days before Halloween. As I tromp through the muddy fields searching for the perfect pumpkin to carve, you realize your fate. If you could speak, how would you defend yourself? Convince me that you are the absolute worst pumpkin in the patch, that you would make a terrible jack-o-lantern.”— In 5th grade LA this week, students have been working off of this prompt to construct a persuasive essay. Over the past few weeks, we have been working on all different types of descriptive language that I have seen beautifully incorporated into many of your students’ essays! This week, we have just begun the essay and finished up the body paragraphs and next week students will work on their introductions and conclusions.


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