October 15, 2015

October 15, 2015


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Next week we will begin ITBS Testing. Please try to be at school for testing. Testing: Monday 10/19 – 10/29.


Today in the Boomerang envelope I have included a “Parent Homework” page. Please fill that out for me and return it sometime next week. It will help us to know how to better serve you. Thanks so much!!



10/16 – 2pm Magazine Assembly

10/23 – Mid-Trimester Reports



10/19 – Lesson 3, Two-Digit Divisors

10/20 – Lesson 4, Division Patterns

10/22 – Check My Progress Quiz

10/23 – Lesson 5, Estimate Quotients


Social Studies

Next week we will only have Social Studies one time for both 5A and 5B because of ITBS Testing. I will be having them begin to review the 50 States Map during that class period.


Language Arts

This week in Language Arts students studied singular and plural nouns in grammar. We are continuing our narrative writing unit and this week students worked on writing their introduction and body paragraphs for their flashback or flash forward narrative. Students will write their conclusion at the end of the week. We have been editing each paragraph together in class and next week students will write their final draft.



Next week students will only have Science one class period because of ITBS Testing. They will review how the thickness of an atmosphere and the design of a parachute affect the speed of a falling parachute.



This week 5th graders have practiced digging deeper into text by analyzing theme, dialogue and sequence of events. We are working on using evidence from the text to create rich responses to complex questions. We will continue this next week.

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