October 1, 2009

October 1, 2009

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Happy October! We are doing very well here in the fifth grade and the students are so excited for this next month. We will have conferences 10/21-10/22. Please watch for your conference time in today’s FCE. I have sent home a parent questionnaire in the Boomerang envelope today. Please complete and return it by Monday 10/5. This will help me while planning for conferences.

Here is a brief curriculum update for the week of 10/2-10/8.

10/2 – Test #2
10/5 – Lesson 16,Story Problems Abut Separating
10/6 – Lesson 17, Multiplying by One-Digit Numbers
No Math – MASS
No Math – (No math on Thursday)
Friday – No school – Theological Update

We have begun Chapter 2, Worshiping God. In this chapter the students will be learning to express thankfulness for creation. This is one of the Catholic Social Teachings: Caring for God’s Creation. Students will write a Cinquain poem about this topic. We will also be learning about Chico Mendes and his work to save the Rain Forest of Brazil. We will have a test on Chapter 2 & 3 after conferences.

Social Studies
Tomorrow, October 2nd the students will take the Chapter 2 test. Please remember to reread the chapter, study the vocabulary, review the summaries in the interactive notebook and know the Hopi Origin Story. Also, don’t forget to take the on-line test. The format will be multiple choice, fill in the blanks, short answer and essay. A little bit of everything!

Next week we will begin Chapter 3, Native American Cultural Regions. In this lesson the students will learn about seven Native American cultural regions and use an annotated map to record information about cultural adaptations made by groups from each region. Students will read about each environment and then use this information and notes to debate what three historical artifacts might have been created by a Native American group from each area. The test for this lesson will be on 10/14.

For the next 3+ weeks students have been asked to make a daily record of their observation of the moon on a recording sheet. Students will use these observations to begin to develop an understanding of the sequence of lunar phases and to understand that we always see the same moon features from earth. If the moon is not visible on a given night, we will discuss in class what is looked like that evening.

In Chapter 4, Lesson 1 of the Science text (p. C110), students are learning how models of the solar system have changed; what planets and other objects in the solar system are like; and how objects in the solar system affect Earth.

Students will take a test based on the Astronomy notes in their 5-sub and Chapter 4 lesson 1 (they will fill out a study guide on this lesson instead of copying notes) Tuesday October 13th.

This week we have focused on the Target Skill of generalizing; a statement about what several people or things have in common. Students have been working on distinguishing between valid and faulty generalizations. There will be a Selections test covering the vocabulary and events of this week’s story – Looking For a Home.

1st Trimester Book Reports: Our first mini due date has passed. Students have reported their choice of Newbery Books. The next due date is Oct. 27th. Students should have finished reading their book by this date.

Tomorrow – Friday, Oct. 2nd, Students will be given additional time in class to read their Newbery book following the Selections Test. Everybody should have their book report with them at school on Friday.

Language Arts
Students draft descriptive writing paragraphs. We incorporate several techniques to create strong images including: similes, quotes, metaphors and onomatopoeia. Students will finish final drafts next week. We’ll continue to review adjectives and action verbs. Students will be ready for a test on basic parts of speech and descriptive writing on Thursday, October 15th. Study guides will be given next week.

Students were informed of their Spanish Test coming up this Monday October 5th. Test on “Senal de la Cruz, Colores, Vocales y Greetings”.

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris