November 8, 2010

November 18, 2010

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Next week we have a short week due to Thanksgiving break. I have included next week as well as the following week’s curriculum information in this Boomerang letter for your convenience.

Regarding tomorrow:
A Message from the Yearbook Staff:
It’s time to get your “Game On” and order your yearbook. Students will not want to miss out on this year’s fantastic yearbook. Checks and order forms are due to the office this Friday, Nov. 19. Prices = K- 7 $19 and 8th grade $25. There will be a special welcome page to our pre-school classes too. Pre-school orders welcome! (Print your order form from the HR website. There are also copies in the office.)
To help everyone remember to order his or her yearbook, the Yearbook Staff is sponsoring a Game On/Mix It Up free dress/spirit day on Friday. Students are asked to dress as their favorite board game piece or video game character (ie. a green Sorry piece, a domino, a red checker, the King of Spades, the thimble from Monopoly, Mario, a Pac Man ghost, etc.) The Yearbook Staff will be looking for the most creatively dressed class, which will win a 20-minute photo shoot session with our staff for their yearbook candids page. Thanks for supporting our student-created/ student-designed yearbook. You won’t be “Sorry” for ordering “uno” this year.

11/24: Thanksgiving Mass: 10:45am (Noon Dismissal)
Please donate any non-perishable food items for the food drive by 11/24!

Monday: 11/22: L. 38, Fractions and Mixed Numbers on a Number Line
Tuesday: 11/23: L. 39, Comparing Fractions by Drawing Pictures
Wednesday: 11/24: L.40, Pictures of Mixed Numbers
Monday:11/29: Test #7
Tuesday: 11/30: Investigation 4
Wednesday: 12/1: L.41, Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Thursday: 12/2: L. 42, Short Division

Tomorrow 11/19 the students will take the Chapter 14 test. Next week on Monday, and then the following week we will be preparing for the December 3rd Prayer Service. This is the Advent Wreath Blessing Prayer Service that 5A will organize. Plan to attend and celebrate the beginning of Advent with us! (December 3rd 8:30am School Hall)

Social Studies
The fifth graders took the Chapter 5 test today on the European Explorers. Tomorrow we will begin Chapter 6, Early English Settlements. After studying this chapter the students will be able to describe what is known about the failed settlement of Roanoke and explain the key challenges and success of Jamestown as well as Plymouth.

Students will learn how all living things are divided up into five kingdoms. They will then discover how scientists divide kingdoms up into smaller groups (genus and species). Students will take a test on Chapter 1, Lessons 1 & 2 on Wednesday Dec. 1st.

5th Graders have enjoyed the opportunity to work on oral reading fluency by performing in Reader’s Theater this week. Next week, students will continue to work on comprehension skills using the ‘little books’. They will be formulating written responses with a focus on providing detail and evidence from the story. Meanwhile, be on the lookout for a great book list coming home with your child! While sharing their completed book jackets, students will compile a list of the Newbery books read by their classmates. Hopefully the long holiday weekend will provide some extra reading time for the whole family!

Language Arts
We review for a test on “sentences” next Tuesday, November 23rd. Students will receive their study guides in class on Thursday and Friday. I will have a PDF copy attached to my web page. In addition, I am adding two PowerPoint presentations that review subjects, predicates, sentences, fragments and run-ons. Students can also find several practice pages to use as they study and prepare. There are quite a few there, so don’t feel that you need to complete them all!! Students do have a regular spelling assignment and test on Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Ms. Semandiris