November 6, 2009

November 5, 2009

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

All Kinds of Minds: Throughout the month of November, fifth graders will be learning about the All Kinds of Minds construct: Social Cognition. Social Cognition involves using and understanding language within social contexts and acting in a way that fosters optimal relationships with others. To begin with, students will learn ways to convey and discern true or intended feelings through language.

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Here is the a curriculum update for the week ahead:

Friday: Lesson 29, Multiplying by Multiples of 10 & 100.
Monday: Lesson 30, Interpreting Pictures of Fractions and Percents
Tuesday: Test 5
No School Wednesday
Friday: Investigation 3, Fractions, Thirds, Fifths, and Eighths

We have begun our study of Chapter 14, Reborn In Christ. In this Chapter students will learn about Baptism. Students have been assigned to complete a “My Baptism” Story. They have the detailed rubric, which explains this assignment. I would like each student to bring in as many pictures from magazines as they can by Thursday 11/12. They will also need to bring in old magazines that to use in class that day. I have provided each student with a zip lock baggie to hold his or her pictures. We have brainstormed in class ideas for pictures. For example: pictures of water, candles, white clothing/robe, doves, babies etc. We will assemble the collage on 11/12. The final draft of the written part will also be due on 11/12.

Social Studies
Tomorrow, the fifth graders will be bringing in pictures to honor the Veterans in their family. Next Monday for 5B and Tuesday for 5A we will be learning more about Veteran’s Day and writing letters to the Veterans’ at the VA Hospital honoring them for their service. Thursday 11/12 we will begin Chapter 5, Routes of Exploration to the New World.

In Reading we continue in the book Hatchet. This week we are learning 7 vocabulary words while practicing the study strategy of creating and using flash cards to study. There will be a test this Friday covering the 7 vocabulary words as well as some comprehension questions from Chapters 5-7. Friday will also provide the last class time opportunity to work on Book Report projects. Students should come prepared with the necessary materials.

Again this week, students have been practicing oral reading fluency each night by re-reading page 51 out of Hatchet and doing a self-evaluation of their expression, smoothness and pace. Parents are encouraged to make comments, either in the form of compliments or suggestions in the boxes provided on the form.

Students begin a unit on Life Science next week. In this unit, students will learn the characteristics of living things and how animals and plants are classified. Students will also explore adaptations and discover adaptations that allow plants and animals to live in water and on land. Finally, students will discover what makes up an ecosystem and describe how energy moves through an ecosystem.

Language Arts
Students learn to identify and use simple subjects and predicates in sentences. We write using simple, compound and complex sentences. Students practice and reflect on conversational techniques and cooperative learning skills that reflect strong “social cognition”. The spelling assignment is due on Monday; the test is also on Monday.

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris