November 12, 2015

November 12, 2015


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


I hope you were able to enjoy the day off yesterday. I went to breakfast with my dad and my family yesterday. He was a Marine and his Marine buddies called him “The Greek” (and still do) because he came to America when he was 13 years old and did not know one word of English. Then he went into the Marines when he was 18 years old. So, he still had a bit of an accent! The word of the day on Wednesday was HOORAH!


We have been so busy in 5A this week! The following is a curriculum update for the week of 11/15- 11/19.



11/12 Ch. 3 L. 12 Interpret the Remainder

11/15 Ch. 3 L. 13 Problem Solving – Extra or Missing Information

11/16 Ch. 3 Chapter Review

11/17 Ch. 3 Test

11/18 Ch. 4 L. 1 Estimate Quotients

11/19 CH. 4 L. 2 Hands On: Divide Using Base Ten Blocks


Accelerated Math:

Students will learn how to use base ten blocks to add and subtract decimals.  They will also practice solving addition and subtraction decimal problems via computer games and online programs such as Aleks and Khan Academy.



Students will be completing the Chapter 14 study guide in class tomorrow. Students who are going to the “Family Fun Center” may need to complete what they do not finish in class for HW due on Monday. We will have the Chapter 14 test next Friday morning.


Steps to Respect: Anti-bullying Program

Tomorrow 11/13 we will be learning about the definition of “Bullying” vs. “Conflict”. Students are discussing the differences in class by using specific scenarios of each. By the end of this lesson the goal if for students to be able to identify is a situation is bullying or conflict.


Social Studies

Students took the Chapter 5, Routes of Exploration to the New World today. Next week we will begin Chapter 6 to learn about the first three English Settlements in North America: Jamestown, Roanoke and Plymouth.



Students will learn how scientists classify living things into five groups called kingdoms: Moneran, Protist, Fungus, Plant, and Animal. They will discover how scientists divided the kingdoms up.

Students will take a quiz on Lessons 1 & 2 in their textbook next Friday (11/20). Students are completing two study guides in class to help them.

Language Arts

This week students continued working on their procedural essay, focusing specifically on using transitions. We have been editing each paragraph together in class and students will turn in a final draft the beginning of next week. In grammar this week students learned about direct and indirect objects and in spelling the focus was on words with vowel + /r/ sounds.



The 5th graders finished reading Hound Dog True. The class enjoyed many discussions requiring higher level thinking around characters’ motives and theme. There will be no culminating test on this book. We have moved back into Journeys and are enjoying an excerpt from Old Yeller. Due to the short week, the Selections Test on this lesson won’t be until next week: Monday for 5B and Tues. for 5A.






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