May 3, 2007

May 3, 2007

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

We had such a wonderful time at Camp Seymour. Remember that the developed pictures from camp should be in CD form and brought to school tomorrow 5/4 for Technology class. Students will be making an I-Movie about camp in Tech class.

Here is a brief curriculum update for the next week.

Friday – Lesson 100 – Simplifying Decimal Numbers
Monday –Test # 19
Tuesday – Investigation #10
Wednesday – Lesson 101-Rounding Mixed Numbers to the Nearest Whole Number
Thursday – Lesson 102- Subtracting Decimal Numbers Using Zeros
Friday – Lesson 103 – Volume

We will be moving on to learn about the Sacraments of Service, Holy Orders and Matrimony. We will also be learning another 5th grade prayer the “Queen of Heaven”. Please help your child memorize this prayer by 5/11.

5th grade students will be working in partners to complete an author study. The final project will be to create a visual presentation (poster) of what they have learned about their chosen author. The poster will include information about the author’s life, works and other interesting facts. The students will also include a picture of their author and a synopsis of one of the books written by the author. On Monday, students received a rubric for this project. Most of the work will be done at school!

Social Studies
The fifth graders will continue with Chapter 12, The Declaration of Independence. They have been assigned to read 12.1 and write the definitions of the red bold faced words on a piece of binder paper. (Due 5/7) Also due on 5/7 is p. 44 in their Interactive Notebooks. Students will have to read the chapter to complete this. Do not do more than p. 41 please.

Next week we will be studying the Declaration of Independence and translating it into modern English. Students will also be doing skits and the Chapter test will be on Friday 5/11.

Students will learn what are some natural cycles in an ecosystem such as the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle and the nitrogen cycle. Students are tentatively scheduled to take a test next Friday (5/11) dependent on completion of the ITBS testing.

Language Arts
Students are working on camp paragraphs or poems. These are due next Thursday, May 10th. Tomorrow, students have the usual spelling test as well as a short grammar quiz on adjectives. Remember that you can check my website for updates:
5/4 – Perfect Uniform! They changed the Special dress day to later in May!

Ms. Semandiris