May 20, 2010

May 20, 2010

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Tomorrow is the Talent Show here at Holy Rosary! Students may dress in beach attire but please follow the handbook rules for free dress. Next Friday is field day and 5A colors are Black and White. These colors were voted on by the class!

Friday: Lesson 88, Transformations
Monday: Lesson 89, Finding a Square Root
Tuesday: Lesson 90, Reducing Fractions, Part 2
Wednesday: Lesson 91 Test 17
Thursday: No Math
Friday: No Math (Field Day)

We have been finishing up our lesson on the 7 Catholic Social Teachings. They are in the process of making a poster for the 7 Catholic Social Teachings. Rubrics were giving out yesterday for this assignment. It is due on Tuesday May 25th.

Next week, 5th graders will be working on oral reading fluency as they prepare to present a Reader’s Theater to their classmates. Each student will be assigned a passage from one of two selections in Scott Foresman; Chester Cricket’s Pigeon Ride or Paul Revere’s Ride. We will be practicing the comprehension skill of Visualizing during the Reader’s Theater performances. There will be no Selections Test next week.

Language Arts
Students learn ways to feature a particular “voice” in their writing, using point of view. We explore various writing forms and techniques to add expression, emotion and give a clear purpose to our writing. This week’s spelling assignment is due on Monday; our test is also on Monday.

In Chapter 4 of the Family Life text, students learn the changes that occur during puberty. They will discuss the importance of growing in a balanced way-physically, mentally, morally, and spiritually. Students will take a quiz on Ch. 3 and 4 next Tuesday (5/25).

Social Studies
The fifth graders have been working on Lesson 14, The Constitution. We will have the test for this lesson 5/27. We will be working with “Power Cards” and various scenarios to learn about the powers the three branches of government.

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris