May 2, 2008

May 2, 2008
Dear Fifth Grade Parents,
I hope you are having a wonderful week. We are in the month of May. The students keep saying, “I can’t believe it is May already!” I think that is a good sign! The following is a brief curriculum update:

Math 5/2-5/9
Friday: Investigation 9
Monday: Lesson 94, Using Estimation When Dividing 2-Digit #’s
Tuesday: Lesson 95, Reciprocals
Wednesday: Lesson 96, Using Reciprocals to Divide Fractions
Thursday: Lesson 97, Ratios
Friday Test 18

Religion: This week we are working Chapter 9, New Life. In this Chapter we will learn about the Paschal Mystery and how that is shown through the 7 Sacraments. Students will create a poster that illustrates and explains this. The rubric for this assignments will be handed out on Monday 5/5.

Social Studies
Next week the fifth graders will move on to Chapter 12, The Declaration of Independence. In this lesson the students will examine “artifacts” such as a letter and an invitation on Thomas Jefferson’s “desk” to learn about the Declaration of Independence and the events that led up to it. Students will learn to paraphrase, in simple language, key passages from the Declaration of Independence. They will also create short skits that capture important ideas form the Declaration of Independence.

Language Arts: This week, students continue to create their comic books. Thanks for helping them gather and save their artwork. It is important that students check their grading rubrics to make sure their plots and characters are well developed. We are still in the drafting phase, so it is fine for students to add and delete events or scenes.
There is no spelling test or assignment this week.

Students will learn your cells produce and get rid of wastes and how cell wastes are removed from your blood. Students will take a test on Chapter 1 next Tuesday, May 6th.
Reading: Book Reports are due on May 15. Homework passes will not be accepted. We have been focusing on theme and mood while reading Number the Stars. We look forward to learning more about this time period in history from our guest speaker who was a fighter pilot and prisoner of war during World War II. Students are reminded to complete and turn in assignments on time. Don’t let Spring Fever get a hold of you!!!
Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris