March 5, 2020

March 5, 2020


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


The following is a curriculum update for the week of March 9 – 13th.




3/6 – Bring in Lunches of Love for St. Martin de Porres




This week we learned about Chapter 13 in class. We will not be assessed on this material. Students worked hard to learn about the types of sin and what does sin do to your relationship with God as well as others.


*Next week we will Move on to Chapter 17, The Liturgy of the Word. We will be learning about the parts of the Liturgy of the Word.




3/9 – Ch. 9, Lesson 1 Round Fractions

3/10 – Ch. 9, Lesson 2 Add Fractions

3/11 – Ch. 9, Lesson 3 Subtract Like Fractions

3/12 – Ch. 9, Lesson 4 Hands On: Use Models to add Unlike Fractions

3/13 – No School – Teacher Inservice



Mr. Schreck

Friday: Test, Chapter 8, Fractions & Decimals

Chapter 9, Add & Subtract Fractions

Monday: Lesson 1, Round Fractions

Tuesday: Lesson 2, Add Like Fractions

Wednesday: Lesson 3, Subtract Like Fractions

Thursday: Lesson 4, Use Models to Add Unlike Fractions


Math (Mrs. H):

Next week we will complete our fifth chapter where the students are getting comfortable with integers.  They are comparing and ordering integers, working with absolute value and opposites, and graphing on the coordinate plane.  This work with integers will help the students when we get to the operations (+,-,x,/) of integers.  After this chapter, we will be done with our first volume of the math book.  The students can bring home their books for extra practice of the lessons we skipped.  Remember, I also update my math HW website daily with our nightly HW:  


Social Studies

We are working on Chapter 10, Growing Tensions Between the Colonies and Britain. In this chapter students will compare the parent/child relationship to the relationship between the English Colonies and Great Britain during the 1750’s – 1760’s. We will learn about 6 events that led up to the Revolutionary War. Please see homework page for daily homework. The test for this chapter will be on March 19th. A study guide will be on Google Classroom one week before the test.



This week we have been reading a narrative non-fiction story about King George and the American Revolution. The students have really enjoyed reading about this time in history. We have been working on pulling out important information and using new vocabulary in our discussions. During the month of March, students will be focusing on reading for 20 min. per night, with an effort to strike a balance between fiction and informational text. They will be filling out an Independent Reading Log to help them track their reading. (Where is says ‘article’ on the log, it can be any book as well).



Students will investigate the niche of the barn owl by dissecting owl pellets. Students will use a bone chart to identify the species of small animals that barn owls prey upon.


Our Lesson 13 Spelling Quiz will be March 27th. We will be taking a practice quiz, Monday March 23rd. Words can be found on my website: In the meantime, we will be kicking off a figurative language unit and students will begin to explore the different uses of metaphors, similes, personification, and more!




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