March 26, 2020 Boomerang

March 26, 2020


Dear Parents,


I hope you are all staying healthy and managing to adjust to our new situation of “At Home Learning”. I know that we all have many things we are dealing with right now. I am trying to adjust my assignments to help you manage the workload at home. Although, the fifth graders are very tech savvy and they should be able to work and be productive. I am keeping you all in my prayers.


Curriculum for the week of March 30 – April 3, 2020



Ms. Semandiris

Ch. 9 Add and Subtract Fractions

3/30 – Ch. 9 Lesson 1, Round Fractions

3/31 – Ch. 9 Lesson 2, Add Like Fractions

4/1 – Ch. 9 Lesson 3, Subtract Like Fractions

4/2 – Ch. 9 Lesson 4, Hands On: Use Models to Add Unlike Fractions

4/3 – Aleks for 30 minutes



Mr. Schreck

Chapter 9, Add & Subtract Fractions

Friday: Take short quiz on lessons 7 & 9 in 5B Math Google classroom. Log on to ALEKS for 30-45 minutes

Monday: Lesson 10, Use Models to Add Mixed Numbers

Tuesday: Lesson 11, Add Mixed Numbers, Part 1

Wednesday: Lesson 11, Add Mixed Numbers, Part 2

Thursday: Lesson 12, Subtract Mixed Numbers




Mrs. H

Thanks for all of your hard work, 5th grade!!  Next week, we will complete our sixth chapter on expressions.  The kids have worked with order of operations, writing expressions, properties, and simplifying algebraic expressions through the Distributive Property and combining like terms. Here is a look at next week:


M – Additional videos and practice with lesson 6.7 (combining like terms)

T – Ch. 6 Review

W – 7.1 Equations

Th – Graded quiz – I will add this on Thursday morning, and the kids should submit by Thursday afternoon.  This grade will go into PowerSchool and is open book.  They should complete on their own.  This will be a review of Ch. 6, so Tuesday’s video will be very helpful!

F – ALEKS Day – 30+ minutes



We will have an open book quiz on Chapter 17 (Multiple Choice) on March 31st. Students have completed the study guide for this lesson and they were assigned a short assignment on St. Jerome p. 289. Next week we will begin the next Chapter 18, Liturgy of the Eucharist. Students will be completing a study guide, a short assignment about St. Clare of Assisi, and a home service day.


Social Studies

Students will be reviewing the information I gave them on the Ch. 11 Lesson for Loyalist vs. Patriots. I will create a study guide with the same information from that lesson and that is what I will quiz the students on. The short quiz will be multiple choice and it will be next Friday 4/3. Next week I will assign short Social Studies lesson/videos from Brain Pop for students to watch on the days they have Social Studies class. This will be listed on the Matrix and then students will be directed to the SS Google Classroom for the lesson.



This week we have enjoyed reading the first 6 chapters of Frindle, a Realistic Fiction novel. We’ll be focusing next week on identifying Character Traits and analyzing the setting. Since reading informational text remains an important skill in 5th grade, we have mixed in the Scholastic News magazine dated March 30. Accompanying this reading are some Close Reading activities and a Quiz Whiz, all found in my Google Classroom. These are due on Monday. I am so proud of our 5th graders as they were met with the challenge of a quick transition to At Home Learning. They have shown patience and respect as they reach out via email with questions and challenges. All important information should be coming to them via Google Classroom. A sincere thank you to all of you for your support during these past weeks.



Students will make a short presentation of a planet of their choosing in Google Slides. See Science Google Classroom for instructions.







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