March 24, 2011

March 24, 2011

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Tomorrow, March 25th we do not have school. There is a teacher in-service. It is also Greek Independence Day!!!

Next week, (Monday to Wednesday, 3/28-3/30) I have been asked to go on the 6th grade sailing trip as a teacher chaperone. This means that I will not be here to write the homework on the web-page. This will be a good test to see if the students are writing the homework down correctly each day. Also, please pray for good weather on those days!!!

A reminder list for Camp Seymour will been attached to the beginning of the Boomerang next Thursday.

Looking ahead: 5A and 5B will be ITBS testing the week of April 11th-15th. This is the week after camp.

Monday: Lesson 78: Exponents and Powers
Tuesday: Lesson 79: Finding Equivalent Fractions by Multiplying by 1
Wednesday: Lesson 80: Prime and Composite Numbers
Thursday: Test # 15 (No Pre-test)

We have the Ch. 18 test on Monday. Please remind your child to study the study guide. The test is very similar to the study guide.

Social Studies
The fifth graders will take the Ch. 12, Declaration of Independence test on Tuesday. Wednesday we will be doing a special lesson on Immigration. Thursday and Friday we will begin Ch. 13, The Revolutionary War!

Language Arts
Students will practice using correct capitalization and punctuation as they write. We work with all the rules of capitalization and specific rules for the punctuation of direct quotations. Students should be able to use correct end punctuation marks at the end of sentences, as well. I will post a study guide and some practice sheets so students to begin preparing for a quiz next week, although their daily assignments and our classwork have also focused on these skills. 5B will take their capitalization and punctuation quiz on Thursday and 5A will take theirs on Friday. There is no spelling assignment or spelling test this coming week.

This week 5th graders have begun keeping book logs. We are trying to increase the time spent in the practice and enjoyment of reading. Additional homework will be kept to a minimum in Reading during this unit. Reminder: the students are encouraged to make corrections on Reading assignments for additional credit. I am asking all 5th graders to check PowerSchool for missing assignments in all subjects.

Students will learn about the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle. They will also discover how nitrogen and water cycles through an ecosystem. Students will take a test on Chapter 4, Ecology, on Friday, April 1st.

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris