January 29, 2009

January 29, 2009

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Catholic schools week has been a great success so far. Just one day to go! Looking ahead I would like to communicate some information about Camp Seymour. We are going to camp May 4-6, which is a Monday –Wednesday. We are going to have a very important informational parent meeting on February 26th at 6:30 pm. (Parents only please.)

Here is a brief curriculum update for the following week:

5th Graders have been working with the Target Skill of Author’s Viewpoint. We have been taking a close look at non-fiction passages to see what word choices the writer made to convey his or her feelings about a subject. The students are using this skill to become more critical readers and thinkers.

Monday- Lesson 53 Perimeter
Tuesday- Lesson 54 Dividing by Multiples of 10
Wednesday- Lesson 55 Multiplying by Three-Digit Numbers
Friday-Test 10

We are learning about Chapter 15, The Sacraments of Healing. The study guide is due on 2/5 and the test is also on 2/5. If students study their guide and pay attention in class on Tuesday and Wednesday when we finish the chapter and review then they will do great on the test.

Language Arts: Students begin studying verbs. We learn about ways to use strong verbs in writing to help improve our “word choice.” Students do not have a spelling assignment or test this week.

Students did a fantastic job on their inventions. I saw many creative ideas and products! Students will learn the role of producers in an ecosystem. They will also discover how consumers get the energy and nutrients they need. Students will take a quiz on Lesson 1 & 2 next Tuesday (2/3).

Social Studies
We will be having the Chapter 8 test on Wednesday (1/4). Students should be rereading the chapter at home each night as well as practicing on the online test. On Thursday we will begin the Chapter 9, Life in Colonial Williamsburg. This is one of my favorite chapters because the classroom actually becomes the town. In groups the students travel to the Governor’s Palace, Raleigh Tavern, Bruton Parish Church and the slaves quarters.

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris