January 22, 2015

January 22, 2015


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Next Week is Catholic Schools Week! Our representatives for 5A in the grades 5-8 Spelling Bee are Jonathan Simmons and Lisette Sherwood. Congratulations!


Please read the EFC for the events of each day. Everything is listed for each day as well as the times. It is important to read the EFC this week!!!!


Have a great weekend!



1/23 – Ch. 5, Lesson 4, Hands On – Add Decimals Using Base-Ten Blocks

1/26 – Ch. 5, Lesson 5, Hands On – Add Decimals Using Models

1/27 – Ch. 5, Lesson 6, Add Decimals

1/28 – No Math

1/29 – No Math


Social Studies

The fifth graders are beginning Chapter 8, The Slave Trade. We will be looking at the Transatlantic Slave Trade from the West African perspective. Students will work in small groups to solve three major dilemmas the West Africans face.




Inventions are due tomorrow. They will be displayed in the hallway for Catholic Schools Week. Students will study the differences in cell structure of plants and animals. Students will identify the basic parts (organelles) of the cells and their function.



Language Arts:

This week students peer-edited the rough drafts of their research reports and finalized their source lists. Students worked on a polished final draft of their research report that is due on Monday. Students were also introduced to an opinion essay. They looked at several examples and made a list of facts that supported the opinions in each essay.




The 5th graders are stepping out of the Journeys text for a short while to read a couple of trade books. The first book, Hound Dog True, will be read by the whole class. Students will meet in small groups to practice the process of reading with a book club. We will apply the Target Comprehension and Vocabulary Skills that we have been practicing in Journeys as we read this realistic fiction book. Looking ahead, when we finish Hound Dog True, students will have the opportunity to select which book they would like to read as we continue in book clubs.

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