January 16 Boomerang

January 16, 2020


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


I hope you have a wonderful long weekend honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Let us look for ways to act on his message of unity, equality in peace!




1/20 – No school  –  MLK Day



We have begun Chapter 15, The Sacraments of Healing. Students will be receiving the study guide for this chapter next week.



1/17 – Ch. 5 Chapter Review

1/21 – Ch. 5 Pre-Test

1/22 – Ch. 5 Test

Chapter 6 Multiply and Divide Decimals

1/23 – Ch. 6, L. 1 – Estimate Products of Whole Numbers and Decimals

1/24 – No Math – Faith Family



Mr. Schreck

Chapter 6, Multiply & Divide Decimals

Friday: Review Lesson 9, Estimate Quotients

Tuesday: Review Lesson 6, 8, 9

Wednesday: Quiz, Lessons 6, 8, 9

Thursday: Lesson 11, Divide Decimals by Whole Numbers



Mrs. H

We missed a couple of days of math this week, but we will get back into the swing of things quickly.  Next week, we will complete our first chapter, which focuses on rates and ratios.  We will take our test after two days of review.  Just a reminder that the kids can be doing ALEKS at home.  I’d encourage trying to work on ALEKS at least 1 night per week.  It’ll be great prep for the MAP test this spring.


Social Studies

We are beginning Chapter 7, Comparing the Colonies. We are working in groups to create “billboard” advertisements to lure people from England to move to the colonies. Each colony group will make a presentation to go with their billboard. The test for this Chapter will be on 1/30. (Note the change of test date.) A study guide will go out one week prior to the test.


Students will be able to:

  • Distinguish among New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies
  • Work collaboratively to create a billboard to promotes-and present an ad campaign
  • List key features of the colonies of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Georgia.



Student’s inventions are due Friday, January 24th. They will be displayed in the Fifth Grade hallway for Catholic Schools Week.

Students begin a unit on ecology. They will learn about the tropical rainforest ecosystem. Students will be able to describe the niche of several creatures that live in the rainforest including squirrel monkeys, kinkajous and ocelots. Students will discuss how different populations of organisms make up the rainforest community.


Reading – Due to the delayed starts and closure this week, 5A and 5B missed varying amounts of Reading class. In order to assure that everyone is caught up to where they need to be, please be sure your child has read up to the end of Ch. 4 in Number the Stars by Tuesday. We will have a short quiz next week just to make sure students understand the events of the story up to that point. Listening to the chapters while following along in the book is a wonderful way to cover a lot of ground while reading. Audio recordings of the chapters can be found on Youtube by searching Number the Stars Chapter.

Language Arts

Lesson 8 Spelling Quiz is tomorrow, January 17th.Words can be found on my website: https://6b.holyrosaryws.org/5th-la/. There is also a quick quiz on conjunctions that will follow the Spelling Quiz. Next week, we will dedicate our class time to the qualifying rounds of the school-wide Spelling Bee! The Spelling Bee is January 30th during Catholic Schools Week.




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