January 11, 2018

January 11, 2018


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

We have been very busy planning and teaching our STEM Unit this month. The students seem to really love it! I hope you have a wonderful weekend honoring Dr. Martin Luther king Jr.


The following curriculum updates are for the week of Jan 16 – 20!


Jan 12 – Noon Dismissal

Jan 15 – MLK Day – No School


Math – Semandiris

Chapter 6, Multiply and Divide Decimals

Jan 16 – L. 7 Problem Solving Investigation: Look for a pattern

Jan 17 – L. 8 Multiplication Properties

Jan 18 – HW 15 Minutes ALEKS

Jan 19 – HW 15 Minutes ALEKS

*Thursday and Friday there will be no math class as we are doing a STEM Project during the first two class periods!



Mr. Schreck

Friday: Biomedicine Lesson, ALEKS

Tuesday: Review Chapter 6, Multiply & Divide Decimals

Wednesday: Chapter Test

Thursday: ALEKS



Mrs. Heuer

Next week, we will continue our work with Ch. 1: rates and ratios.  The students have been learning how to set up a clear proportion.  They are using proportions to find unit rates and also using proportions to complete ratio tables.  Next week we will use proportions to see if ratios are equivalent.  Our chapter 1 test will be the following week.


Language Arts

In Language Arts this week, students have been grinding through another set of spelling words and grammar skills. Our spelling unit this week deals with words ending in -ar, -er, and -or. 5th graders took a short pre-spelling test on Monday to see how well they knew the spelling versus the sounding out of these words. I was impressed, but they did need some practice. Thankfully, students had many opportunities to work with these words in their Reader’s Notebooks and should be nice and prepared for quiz day. Next week we will continue our work with the Journey’s Textbook and will move on to Lesson 11.



The 5th Graders seem to be thoroughly enjoying our Historical Fiction novel, Number The Stars. They are learning the facts behind the novel through informational articles about events from that time in history. There is a lot to discuss as we analyze the characters and plot of this story.


.Social Studies

In Ch. 7, Comparing the Colonies, students will be working in groups to make a billboard advertisement and presentation to convince Europeans to move to their colony. The presentations will be on 1/16. Students will be working in class to complete their Interactive Notebook “Reading Notes” as well and page 40-41 will be due on 1/16.. The test for this chapter will be on 1/18. A study guide will be pushed out one week prior to the test on Google Classroom.



Students will take a quiz next Friday. It will be on the characteristics of the microbes they have looked at under their microscopes.

Next, students begin Chapter 4, Ecology in their texts. Students will explore the components of soil by classifying the parts into living, once-living and nonliving. Student will learn about the parts of an ecosystem. They will also discover how habitats and niches are related.


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