February 5, 2015

February 5, 2015


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Below is the letter we are sending out for Mid -Trimester Reports. I forgot to pass it out this afternoon (Friday 2/6/15). I have attached it to my letter for your convenience. I will pass it out to 5A students on Monday 2/9. 


Feb. 6, 2015

Dear Fifth and Sixth Grade Parents,

As you know, we are halfway through the second trimester of school.

Please review your child’s individual assignment grades on PowerSchool (https://ps.archseapsc.org/public/).

Please sign and return this letter by Tuesday Feb. 10th.

Thank you,

The Fifth and Sixth Grade

Teaching Staff




I have seen my child’s grades on PowerSchool.













The following is a curriculum overview for the week of February 9 – 12, 2015




Valentine’s Day Party – 2/12  11:15am – 11:45am – If your child chooses to make Valentines they must make them for everyone in 5A class. Thanks!!!


2/13-17 – Mid-Winter Break



2/9 – Chapter 5 Test

2/10 – Ch. 6 L. 1 Estimate Products of Whole Numbers and Decimals

2/11 – Ch. 6 L. 2 Hands On Use Models to Multiply

2/12 – Ch. 6 L. 3 Multiply Decimals by Whole Numbers


Reading – We have finished reading Hound Dog True and will be moving on to book clubs next week. This is an exciting process and one that most 5th graders really enjoy. As we reach the middle of the 2nd Trimester, I have encouraged all of the 5th graders to take advantage of the opportunities to make test corrections and turn in missing work in order to earn additional points. This can make a positive impact on their overall grade.



Students will discover how living things are classified into smaller groups (genus and species). Classification helps scientists communicate and share ideas with each other about living organisms. Students will take a quiz on lessons 1 & 2 next

Wednesday (2/11).


Social Studies

Next week the fifth graders will continue to work on our “Black History Month” assignment. Students chose a person or place to learn about and present a one -to-two paragraph speech orally to the class. Students have chosen the person or place in class and have begun to write the rough draft. Next Monday 5A will present and Tuesday 5B will present.


Language Arts

This week in Language Arts students focused on consonant and vowel patterns in their spelling words and they learned about subject and object pronouns in grammar. Students chose a topic for an opinion essay and began working on a graphic organizer to list reasons and facts to support their opinion.






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